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Set of Three Square Iron Riveted Planters - Iron Tubs x 3 Copper Blue

£895.00 The set of three

Code: 12444


W: 70cm (27.6")H: 70cm (27.6")D: 70cm (27.6")

Verdigris Square Iron Tubs - Copper look planters. Iron tubs with a painted verdigris copper look. These are nothing short of superb, they look stunning, large rivets and the colour is great. A copper look planter at a fraction of the cost. Finished in antique copper blue. These are manufactured in galvanised steel with a paint finish that will age and gain a well weathered patina,  if using outside a drainage hole will need drilling (we can do this for you).

Large 70 x 70sq  (60 cm sq internaly) x 70 cm H , Heavy 37 kg

Med 60 x 60 x  (51 cm sq internally) 60 cm H 15 kg

Small 50 x 50 x (42 cm sq internally 50 cm H.   11 kg  The price is the set.

Designed and made for Rutland Garden Classics