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Farmers cottage 7 seater rotating pod - self isolating dining unit

£5,350.00 used approx 3 yrs old

Code: 12209


W: 236cm (92.9")H: 226cm (89")

A 7 seater farmers cottage by John Lewis. This is approx 3 yrs old and in great condition. It will need a coat of treatment. But all in good working rotating order with cushions and table. Self Isolating dining. Must be viewed. Please note this is not NEW so please do not expect a brand new shiney unit. But this is  3k saving on a new one. AND IS AVAILABLE INSTANTLY.     Does have the zip up door closing , but may need dry cleaning. We have jet washed the inside and out and it is now ready to go. The leather seats are in great condition just the odd mark on one.