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Antique marble well head circa 350 years old

£750.00 A few minor issues but cheap

Code: 11175


W: 56cm (22")H: 57cm (22.4")Di: 65cm (25.6")

An antique hand carved marble well head from the ottoman period. This was found on a recent buying trip in Turkey reclaimed from an estate that dated back to the Ottoman period. This is stunning with the carving and the metal lid.

The height is 57 cm x 56 cm dia at the top and the bottom dia is 65 cm. This does have a few paint dribbles and the odd knock and little bits of marble missing but this is a genuine stunning piece. We have had this for sale for 2.4 k, But we are clearing some old items that have been here a while so is noe a great bargain at £1200.