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Valet Au Chien (By Jacquemart)


Code: 11095


W: 112cm (44.1")H: 175cm (68.9")D: 71cm (28")

Bronze statue of Hunter with his hounds also Known as "Valet Au Chien" .

An extremely detailed & life like sculpture by famed French sculptor Henri Alfred Jacquemart, "The Valet & Dogs" is a beautiful representation of the hunter and his best hounds. The artist was a specialized and famed sculptor and animalier, turning metal into statuesque monuments of man and nature. This is a bronze cast staue of the very best quality this will deffinately not disapoint.

Jacquemart designed the hunting monument in 1866. A casting was exhibited at the Sydney International Exhibition of 1879, and the Melbourne International Exhibition of 1880. After the foundry Val d’Osne was awarded a silver First Order of Merit at the Melbourne exhibition, the Government of New South Wales purchased a casting of Huntsman and Dogs in 1881 for what would be nearly $13,000 in today’s terms. 

Foundry Val d’Osne

The French art foundry Val d’Osne was founded by Jean Pierre Victor André,  in 1835-36. This invention boosted the production of garden ornaments, fountains, statues in general, and animal statues in particular. Its showroom was at 58 Boulevard Voltaire in Paris.

Over the years, Val d’Osne received many awards, including at the Great Exhibition (Crystal Palace) in London in 1851 (the first World’s Fair),  The monument became known under various names. The French names came first: Le Chausseur et les Chiens (Hunter and Dogs) or Valet au Chiens (The Dogs’ Attendant).