Atlas on stone panelled plinth, garden statue

Atlas on stone panelled plinth, garden statue

Code: 10538

Dimensions:W: 74cm (29.1")H: 218cm (85.8")


Atlas on composite stone square panelled plinth (available separately), Atlas is made of composite stone in perfect condition and is 135 cm tall the panelled stone plinth is 83 cm tall x 74 cm at widest point a real statement piece. Please call Chris for any more information on 07850 999522. Atlas £1795.00, square pannel plinth £895.00

In Greek mythologyAtlas (/ˈætlÉ™s/Ancient GreekἌτλας) was the primordial Titan who held up the celestial spheres. He is also the titan of astronomy and navigation. Although associated with various places, he became commonly identified with the Atlas Mountains in northwest Africa (Modern-day Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia).[1] Atlas was the son of the Titan Iapetus and the Oceanid Asia[2] or Clymene. According to the ancient poet Hesiod Atlas stood at the ends of the earth towards the west