Enigma pot by Philip Simmonds

Enigma pot by Philip Simmonds

Code: 11716


A hand made Enigma pot by Philip Simmonds Sculptural Ceramics. Absolutely stunning. Signed and numberd. 129 cm tall.

Philip's initials and a unique 'identification' number are impressed at the base of each piece. This authenticates provenance for the future; his work has proved to be a sound investment.

From Philips own website ..

 These exquisite sculptural ceramic pots are entirely hand built from the finest English clays - mixed especially for us. The glazes and firing techniques we use ensure that each piece has its own colour fingerprint. It is these intrinsic variations which create such individual patina and character in every piece. Fired to a high stoneware temperature, the pots are extremely robust and weather beautifully. They even improve with the passing of time.