Scaled Jardiniere by Haddonstone

Scaled Jardiniere by Haddonstone

Code: 12702


H: 51cm (20.1")Di: 59cm (23.2")


Well weathered Scaled Jardiniere, great condition. This pot has no bottom in it. (please read below)

When planting a small tree or shrub, the planter you use invariably has a relatively short lifespan before the plant becomes too large and you need to repot or plant directly into the soil.The Scaled Jardinière overcomes this by having no base. This means that you can keep roots warm and well-watered whilst you nurture your young shrub or tree.

The Scaled Jardinere was one of the first designs to be introduced by Haddonstone when the company was founded in 1971 and remains an integral part of our range.