Pair of Gothic planters by Haddonstone

Pair of Gothic planters by Haddonstone

Code: 11045

Dimensions:W: 62cm (24.4")H: 41cm (16.1")

£385.00 £425.00 The pair

Pair of Haddonstone Gothic basket planters. very well weathered in good condition, one of the planters does have two very faint hairlines in the stone this does not affect the stability of the planters. We will guarantee these for five years.

The cast stone Gothic Basket from Haddonstone is a popular garden container. The neo Gothic style Gothic basket features interlaced strapwork with acanthus leaf moulding around the base. The rim of the popular Gothic Basket is decorated with leaf and ribbon moulding. The Haddonstone Gothic Basket is perfect for enhancing terraces, patios and garden rooms.

In addition to the Gothic Basket Haddonstone has many gothic style designs in the standard collection of garden ornaments including the Gothic Jardinière, Gothic Urn & Base, Gothic Fountain and Gothic Obelisk.

The Gothic Revival, sometimes referred to as Victorian Gothic or Neo Gothic, was an architectural movement which began in the 1740s in England. Neo Gothic style sought to revive medieval forms in contrast to the predominant classical styles. The Gothic Revival reflected an interest in medievalism, which had its roots in the antiquarian interest in curiosities