Haddonstone Pan Term

Haddonstone Pan Term

Code: 11326

Dimensions:W: 70cm (27.6")H: 202cm (79.5")

£1,895.00 Approx $2386.65, €2124.44

A reclaimed stone Pan Tern statue by Haddonstone. This was removed from an estate in Shropshire has excellent weathering all over and is in great condition.

202 cm tall and 70 cm sq at the base.

This magnificent cast stone garden ornament from Haddonstone depicts Pan, the Arcadian god of hills and woods. The Pan Term from Haddonstone is portrayed as having the body of a man, but with the beard and horns of a goat. The stone Pan Term is ideal for terminating a path, walkway or hedge, positioning in a temple, grotto or folly - to act as a focal point in a garden scheme. A stone statue, bust or term is the perfect garden ornament for enhancing a garden path, walkway, hedge, temple, grotto or landscape folly.