Festooned Jardiniere

Festooned Jardiniere

Code: 11028

Dimensions:W: 52cm (20.5")H: 56.5cm (22.2")


Reclaimed stone planter nicely weathered .

The cast stone Festooned Jardiniere is a large, attractive garden planter ideal for terraces, patios and lawns. The Festooned Jardiniere by Haddonstone is a bold design created by Haddonstone featuring festoons of fruit bound together with ribbons in the classical style. Haddonstone designed the Festooned Jardiniere for use in conjunction with the Haddonstone Festooned Vase.

The attractive Festooned Jardiniere is a bold, decorative design by Haddonstone This large garden planter, container or jardiniere can also be used on terraces, patios and lawns.

Festoon is the term for a carved or painted garland of flowers, leaves or fruit. The word probably comes from the Latin word festus, meaning feast. Festoons appear as decorative motifs in buildings, interiors, on furniture wall paintings and prints. This classical ornamental element was often employed in the art of the Renaissance and Baroque. Haddonstone’s decorative Festooned Vase incorporates festoons of fruit into the bold design.