Galvanised planters - Zinc garden pots

Sunday 23rd July 2023 at 10:46

Galvanised Planters and zinc garden pots have been on trend for a long time, They last for years look superb and are so practical. From an old mop bucket to a reclaimed bath, galvanised & zinc planters come in all shapes and sizes. The old riveted cattle troughs that we all admired in fields years ago are hard to find,  but still make stunning planters. Here at Rutland Garden Classics we have recreated some of these old designs,  We have a large range of Galvanised riveted cattle troughs, Dolly tub planters, zinc garden pots and some new designs of tall tapered planters with a rose motif design, With a lead look, galvanised & zinc planters create a timeless elegance. Our range is ever increasing and we are adding a water butt to the range which will be here mid August.